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Defending Bridgegate

The Supreme Court’s decision in the “Bridgegate” controversy has been the subject of intense debate. It has received strong support. However, some critics assail the

Forthcoming in 77.4

Politicians as Fiduciaries: Public Law v. PrivateLaw When Altering the Date of an Election
Author: Steven J. Cleveland

The Digital Samaritans
Author: Eldar Haber

Insider Trading Enforcement
Author: Michael A. Perino

The Independent Board as Shield
Author: Gregory H. Shill

Defending Democracy: Taking Stock of the Global Fight Against Digital Repression, Disinformation, and Election Insecurity
Authors: Scott J. Shackelford JD, Ph.D.; Angie Raymond, JD; Abbey Stemler, JD, MBA; Cyanne Loyle, Ph.D.

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